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It's Time For Change


Stop Illegal Immigration

Yiatin’s parents escaped communism and fled to Taiwan where she was born. They came to the United States to pursue a better life for their three girls. Whether you’re a first generation immigrant like Yiatin or a 4th generation New Yorker who have made rich family traditions here, we all come for a better life, legally and orderly.  ​ Illegal aliens, unchecked by our federal government, released into our country, and shuttled into our city are unsustainable. Not only do we fear potential terrorist activity, the next health contagion but poverty and desperation will lead to criminal activity for the migrant’s survival. While streets are riddled with potholes, subways in disrepair, new schools need to be built, and NYer’s pay the highest taxes, our leaders continue to divert billions of funding to house and feed these illegals, with no end in sight. We must end NYC’s status as a sanctuary city, stop applying the right to shelter to the world and close our southern border. While immigration is a federal policy, Yiatin will do everything she can at the state level to ensure our resources are dedicated to tax paying residents who are here legally.

Enforce Laws & Punish Criminals

We enjoyed a decades-long period of declining crime rates before the dangerous trifecta of police defunding, Albany’s cashless bail and the COVID lockdown. Across the precincts in our district, major crimes are +24% from two years ago (Compstat Jan 2024). Felonies, robberies, burglaries and auto theft are up 200%-500%! Shoplifting is rampant and has forced retailers to put items behind lock and key. Our small businesses are struggling with the cost of stolen inventory and higher security needed to protect their employees and customers. Our electeds have made it harder for our police officers to do their jobs. Many are taking early retirements and young people are not joining the police force at the pace we need . We need to bring back the tools and respect that our police officers need to protect us. Yiatin knows that our safety has been compromised by pro-criminal legislators. She will support our law enforcement to get the job done right and bring sanity back to New York.

Expand Merit-Based Education Opportunities

Yiatin successfully fought to keep the SHSAT as the sole admissions to NYC’s Specialized High Schools. She co-founded a parent-volunteer advocacy group, PLACE NYC, to expand Gifted and Talented programs and demand more rigorous academic opportunities. Yiatin celebrated the end of race-based affirmative action and is a plaintiff in suing NYS Education on its race-based eligibility in a state funded STEM program. Yiatin will fight for merit-based education, equality of opportunities, school choice and raising the bar for globally competitive standards in our schools.

Protect Our Quality of Life

Our district is in a very special corner of the city. We enjoy a bit more space, a slower pace, away from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Lately, we’ve been faced with an assault on the life we enjoyed. From congestion pricing to the proliferation of unused bike lanes, the city is making it harder and more costly for us to get around. Eastern Queens is home to beautiful one-family homes, coops and condos – a community that is vested for generations. Our electeds have been attempting to override local zoning to give carte blanche to irresponsible developers. Yiatin joined forces with civic associations to fight Governor Hochul’s Housing Compact in 2023. Yiatin will fight to uphold the quality of life we value in our district.

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